(* For those who are acronym-challenged, “Not In My Back Yard”)

New York City is clearly a “sanctuary” city – notice how they welcome illegal immigrants:

NYC Mayor Adams sues bus companies dropping off migrants for $700M

But, wait – isn’t the only real question here whether or not these “immigrants” wanted to go to New York? Haven’t the courts already decided that free travel is a right guaranteed by the Constitution? If so, then who is New York to limit their means of travel by punishing those who transport them?

Hypocrisy aside, it seems that New York really wants to treat these “immigrants” as second-class citizens.  I hope the courts recognize this New York law restricting travel for what it is – an infringement of constitutional rights. In any event, the real problem is the Biden administration’s failure to secure the border – not Texas attempting to spread the joy!

PS: So what happens when immigrants living in New York pay to bus in their illegal relatives, and then register them for state services so that they don’t have to pick up the tab for their support? I wonder how many of them will be charged under this statute? Since there’s no political benefit, my guess is none…

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