“We can’t show you…

…what we are teaching your kids because it’s copyrighted.”

Yeah, right. Do you know how stupid you sound? And you’re teachers?!?

Pennsylvania school district cites copyright concerns to hide teachers’ racial equity training curriculum

The best quote from the article:

When asked for comment about whether they’d share the materials in the interest of transparency, the school district’s director of equity and public programs Dr. Oscar Torres told Fox News that the materials “are proprietary and are not ours to disseminate.”

“This is not an issue of transparency,” Torres wrote in an email to Fox News on Wednesday. “As with most organizations that provide training, P.E.G owns the specific materials and you may wish to contact them for permission.”

Or maybe the school district should have made their use of the material conditional on being able to show it to parents? I mean, how stupid is that? “We can show it to your kids, but not to you.” WTF?

What are they hiding? That the 3 R’s are now Reading, Writing, and Race shaming? I mean, since math is now racist, no need for that anymore…

3 thoughts on ““We can’t show you…”

  1. Bolshevik b.s. Parents need to see what materials are being used to indoctrinate kids.They should volunteer as an aide.If school suddenly doesnt want any help,time to Foia and sue them.Fine toothed comb every budget decision.

    1. An author is permitted to restrict the distribution of their work, but I oppose a school district agreeing to use materials that they are prohibited from sharing with the parents.

      Note, too, that a copyright does not prevent the teachers or administration from fully describing the contents to the parents. A copyright does not make material secret or not disclose-able; it only means that it cannot be reproduced.

      Let’s face it: this simply doesn’t pass the “smell” test…

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